Clark County: Proposed Mountain Parkway Interchange Archaeological Investigations Item #: 7-8101

  • Pollack, David (PI)

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The Kentucky Archaeological Survey (KAS) proposes to conduct archaeological investigations within the Indian Old Field region ofClark County. This work will focus on the area in the vicinity ofthe new interchange. Prior to initiating fieldwork and during the course ofthis study, project staff will work closely with public officials in Clark County, interested public, and landowners. It is hoped that through this interaction we will be able to engage the public in this study, identify potential areas to be investigated, and gain landowner permissions. Field work will consist ofre-visiting existing sites that have a high potential to contain protohistoric/historic native American remains, and ground surveys to identify additional sites. The latter will focus on the examination of plowed fields and opportunistic shovel probing. Select sites will be targeted for geophysical work and ground truthing. Test units will be placed in areas that the shovel probing, coring, or geophysical work indicate have a high potential to contain intact subplowzone protohistoric or historic Native American deposits. It is anticipated that fieldwork will be conducted over the course of the next two years.
Effective start/end date12/2/116/30/12


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