Clinical Mastitis Incidence in Compost Bedded Pack Barns as Compared to Freestall Barns

  • Bewley, Jeffrey (PI)
  • Arnold, Laura (CoI)
  • Eckelkamp, Elizabeth (CoI)
  • Taraba, Joseph (CoI)

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In this project, we propose a longitudinal study of 5 compost bedded pack barns and 5 sand bedded freestalls for a full year to quantify how each systems performance relates to changes in milk quality at both the cow and the herd level. By examining trends in somatic cell counts and bacterial culturing of milk from all cows with clinical mastitis, we will develop an increased understanding of the pathogens of importance in compost bedded pack barns and sand freestalls. Also, we will be able to relate changes in somatic cell count and mastitis incidence, by pathogen, to differences between housing systems. Moreover, we will examine similar relationships between housing system and cow locomotion, cleanliness, and mastitis severity score.
Effective start/end date3/15/139/14/14


  • University of Georgia: $13,750.00


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