Clinical Measurement of Vocal Fold Impact Stress in Children

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rincipallnvestigator/Program Director (Last, first, middle): Patel, Rita, R. It has been estimated that over one million 1 children suffer from voice disorders nationwide, with potentially detrimental psychological effects. Knowledge of vocal fold vibratory motion is fundamental for measuring treatment outcomes in children, but has been slow to emerge due to technical challenges. This work is the first to examine spatiotemporal measurements of vocal fold motion that lead to the development of impact stress and voice disorders in children and to use a novel custom-built pediatric imaging system to examine the relationship of the immature vocal system and the formation of vocal fold nodules. Public Health Relevance Statement Page 7
Effective start/end date12/1/107/20/12


  • National Institute on Deafness & Other Communications: $225,523.00


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