Clinical measurement of vocal fold impact stress in children

  • Donohue, Kevin (PI)

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(R03DC011360-01). These aims are: Aim 1. To optimize the 2 point laser projection system for precision and compute expected measurement variability to translate use to children. Aim 2. To quantify the relationship between vocal fold length and vibratory amplitude during vocal fold developmental processes in children with and without vocal nodules. Aim 3. To quantify spatiotemporal features of vocal fold impact stress in children as a function of age and pathology. For Aim 1, the work at the University of Kentucky will consist of analyzing data from the laser projection device developed in an earlier phase of this grant. This includes analysis of current data, as well as future data provided by Dr. Patel. The goal is to test clinical relevance of features extracted with the extra information provided by this device. Work for Aim 2 includes continued estimation of vocal fold length to vibratory amplitude ratios from high-speed video provided by Dr. Patel’s laboratory/clinic. Analysis will be performed to characterize changes in the ratios as a function of age. Work for Aim 3 involves working with the current data set and future data sets provided by Dr. Patel to improve the estimation of critical dynamic (vocal fold motion) features as well as determine relationships between these features and nodules from impact stress in children.
Effective start/end date8/1/1211/30/14


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