Closing the Gap: Increasing Diversity in Healthcare

Grants and Contracts Details


BCTC (under the instruction of the University of Kentucky’s Lisa Hatten). Three academies will run concurrently in different locations for 11th and 12th grade students. Academy faculty, staff, and Peer Leaders will participate in a professional development series dedicated to best practices in student success, developmental education, structure & organization of Success Academies, and peer-to-peer support. Academic faculty will participate in training modules dedicated to increasing academic success for developmental students including targeted interventions, best practices for online, engaging instruction, and learner- centered curriculum development. Student Peer Leaders will be required to participate in training modules dedicated to increasing academic, emotional, and social success for developmental students along with training on developing student leaders. This includes best practices in peer mentoring and peer tutoring, survey of BCTC academic and personal resources/services, professional communication, FERPA, appreciative inquiry, and student leadership. The BCTC Summer Success Academies will employ BCTC faculty, staff, and high-achieving students; provide breakfast, lunch and snacks; provide scholarships and awards; and spotlight Instruction, tutoring, and transportation per location each two-week session.
Effective start/end date10/1/229/30/26


  • KY Community & Technical College System: $1,196,840.00


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