COBRE for the Center for Molecular Medicine

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The Center for Molecular Medicine at the University of Kentucky was created using an NIH COBRE award that is now in phase III. The three Core Facilities of this Center – Genetic Technologies, Protein, and Organic Synthesis – have proven invaluable in efforts to promote and expand biomedical research at the University. This Administrative Supplement is requested to provide the resources necessary to optimize the function and usage of these Cores, as well as other Cores within the University. These additional Cores include the four within the Center of Research in Obesity & Cardiovascular Disease, which is supported by another COBRE award, as well as the Proteomics and Microscopy Cores which were established by the Center for Molecular Medicine and now operate independently. Core optimization will be achieved largely through an umbrella web site that will be developed as a single portal for users to find and access the Core Facilities. Each Core will have its own set of web pages on the umbrella site, with all Cores employing the same set of templates for a more unified user experience. We will create online educational materials in the form of short videos for each Core. In addition, we will create pipelines between Cores that allow users to generate projects that span multiple Cores. These pipelines will facilitate the movement of information and materials between Cores, streamlining what could otherwise be a complex process. The unified web site will be created in a modular manner that allows for the ready inclusion of additional Core Facilities and the generation of new pipelines. The goal is for this site to become a central portal for users to gain access to all relevant Cores at the University of Kentucky, and perhaps within the region.
Effective start/end date7/1/144/30/18


  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences


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