COCOA Flavanols to Improve Walking Performance in PAD: the COCOA-PAD II Trial

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As a co-investigator in the COCOA-PAD II TRIAL (Northwestern University, PI: Mary McGrae McDermott, MD), Drs. Peterson and Kosmac will measure changes in capillary density, myofiber size, and central nuclei in calf muscle biopsy specimens obtained from participants randomized in Chicago who consent to muscle biopsy. Calf muscle biopsy specimens will be obtained in Chicago and will be fedexed to the University of Kentucky for analyses of capillary density. Measures will be made in frozen human muscle biopsies shipped to the University of Kentucky by Northwestern University. The scope of work includes analysis of 92 muscle biopsy specimens during years four and five (including baseline and follow-up calf muscle biopsy specimens). The scope of work includes analyzing approximately 44 in year four and 48 in year five. In addition, Drs. Peterson and Kate Kosmac will participate in regular investigator telephone calls. Once data collection is completed, they will participate in data interpretation and manuscript writing.
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/23


  • Northwestern University: $20,278.00


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