Cognitive Aging Trajectories in Survivors of Trauma

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Abstract: This K01 application to NIA [FOA-PA-20-190 (Reissue of PA-19-126)] entitled “Cognitive Aging Trajectories in Survivors of Trauma” (PI: Karen A. Lawrence, PhD) proposes training and research within the area of traumatic stress within an aging context, cognitive aging and aging health. The training portion of this career development proposal includes training in cognitive aging, the effects of traumatic stress on aging health, and scientific rigor specific to observational cohort research including study design and advanced statistical analysis for longitudinal data. The research portion consists of a combination of secondary data analysis and original data research. Secondary data analyses will investigate the association between PTSD status and domain-specific neurocognitive functioning in older adults and will test effects of potential effect modifiers on this association. Original research will be conducted in older adults to examine the association between cognitive functioning and PTSD severity and whether this relationship is dependent upon the type of trauma exposure. The overarching goal of this application is to provide training and mentoring to support Dr. Lawrence toward achieving her long-term goal of becoming an independent researcher with expertise in the effects of traumatic stress and biopsychosocial factors on cognitive aging, within a sex/gender-specific context.
Effective start/end date5/15/231/31/28


  • National Institute on Aging: $249,629.00


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