Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of DSP-8658 in Aged Animals

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Dr. Thibault's lab (University of Kentucky) will perform a small pilot study to characterize the impact of a PPARa/PPARy agonist (DSP-8658) in cognitive performance in aged animals (F344 rats). We will monitor food intake and body weight daily for thefirst week then 3 times a week for subsequent weeks. We are going to provide the drug in the feed for 3 weeks during which we will monitor learning and memory on the Morris Water Maze. At termination of the experiments we will collect blood and to evaluate lipid profiles (HDL,LDL,Triglycerides,Chollesterol,NEFA) and glucose status (HbA1C,glucose). The experiment is estimated to last 1month and will require the help of 2 staff persons at the University of Kentucky (both in Dr.Thibault's lab).Once data are acquired, we will analyze them and provide a written report to our collaborator Dr. David Kemp at CaseWestern University.
Effective start/end date11/1/133/31/14


  • Case Western Reserve: $17,088.00


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