Collaborative Cross Mice as a New Model for Diverse Human Outcomes of St. Louis Encephalitis Virus Disease

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EXHIBIT A SCOPE OF WORK Collaborative Agreement between the University of Kentucky and University of California, Davis for 2 years Submission date: October 16, 2022 Start date- 14- Aug-2023 to 31-June-2025 PI: Lark Coffey Collaborators: Amelia K. Pinto, Ph.D., 1. Problem Statement: Our understanding of SLEV disease has been stymied by the absence of a mouse model that encompasses the spectrum of human disease severity as well as human-like immune responses. To circumvent these limitations, we propose to develop an immunocompetent mouse model of SLEV that manifests a spectrum of disease outcomes to understand virus kinetics, tropism, pathology, and host immune responses associated with protection from CNS disease. 2. Goals of the Agreement: The goal of this agreement is to use the assays we have previously established to understand the immunological response in collaborative cross mice 3. SERVICES: Timeline: 2 years We will provide the necessary expertise to complete the immunological study of the collaborative cross-animals. We will infect animals to demonstrate technical aspects of the protocol. We will instruct the members of the Coffey lab and provide advice on techniques and troubleshooting. 1. ADMINISTRATION: Dr. Pinto will consult Dr. Lark Coffey, PhD. on all issues related to this collaboration. Dr. Pinto will supervise all efforts at the University of Kentucky. She will also administer funds awarded to the University of Kentucky through this collaboration. In the unlikely event of disagreements between Drs. Pinto and Coffey regarding the scientific conduct of this project, Dr. Coffey will have the final authority to resolve the disagreements consistent with her role of P.I. of the grant application. 2. TIMELINE: Dr. Pinto will strictly adhere to the timeline as provided by Dr. Coffey. We anticipate the project to last two years.
Effective start/end date8/14/236/30/25


  • University of California Davis: $29,110.00


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