Collaborative Project for the Development of Disability Sport and Recreation Programs for Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities in Tanzania and Kenya

  • Johnson, Carol (PI)
  • Johnson, Benjamin (CoI)

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University of Kentucky, in partnership with the National Paralympic Committees of Tanzania and Kenya, proposes an intensive, field-based development project to increase and enhance disability sport and recreation opportunities for youth, girls and young women with disabilities in Tanzania, Kenya and East Africa. Sport, recreation and physical activity programs for youth and young adults with disabilities provide life-transforming experiences including physical and psychological rehabilitation, social connections, enhanced health, etc. Additionally, in support of the 2010 Persons with Disabilities Act that was ratified by the Tanzanian government, the project will tackle the issues associated with discrimination against people with disabilities and particularly girls and women by promoting positive social change. By providing training and hands-on experiences through both Tanzania- and USA-based activities for youth and young adults with disabilities; as well as young professionals interested in working with these youth and young adults (the multiplier effect), the goals and desired outcomes of this project will be realized. The project includes four major components: 1) National Sport and Recreation Festivals for Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities: Held in Dar es Salaam for persons with disabilities from throughout the nation as well as East Africa Region, a variety of sports/recreational opportunities will be offered. Target: minimum 400 participants at least 30% young women and girls. 2) National Workshop and Training Seminar for University Students, Young Adult Sport Leaders, Disability Rights Advocates, Media Personnel and Medical/Rehabilitative Professionals: An interdisciplinary sport “train-the-trainer” workshop will be offered to provide technical assistance, enhanced knowledge and capability in assessing the level of disability and appropriately classifying youth and young adults with disability for appropriate sport placement, sport management, sport science / medicine education and youth, the promotion of human rights through sports, and young adults sport programming for persons with disabilities. The scope of the workshop will be national ensuring that persons from as many regions of the country as possible are represented. Additionally, emerging leaders from other East Africa nations will also be invited to participate. Target: minimum 100 participants at least 30% of whom will be women. 3) Emerging Professionals International Exchange: Emerging disability sport leaders from the USA will travel to Tanzania to shadow counterparts in community-based sport/recreation programs for youth with disabilities. Likewise, emerging disability sport/recreation leaders from Tanzania and Kenya will travel to the USA to shadow counterparts in community-based sport programs for youth with disabilities and to attend the 2015 African Academy of Disability Sport. Target: minimum 18 (8 from USA and 14 from Tanzania and Kenya) not including instructors and staff. 4) Knowledge transfer and organizational linkages: The project will provide support to bridge the gap between existing programs and financial and technical resources available to assist participants and organizations in increasing and improving opportunities for youth and young adults with disabilities in sport in Tanzania, Kenya and East Africa. 1
Effective start/end date9/21/1512/31/16


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