Collaborative Research: Decomposition in Drylands: Soil Erosion and UV Interactions

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The Sun Grant Initiative, authorized under Section 9011 ofthe Farm Bill, encompasses all ofthe land grant universities in each State and U.S. territory into five bio-geographical regions, with its overall purpose to coordinate and support research and education programs on bioenergy and bio-product development. The Regional Biomass Energy Feedstock Partnership, being catalyzed by DOE and supported by USDA, will utilize this· unique regional land grant university network to develop a consortium that focuses on feedstock issues on a regional basis. For FY 2007, primary focus activities that DOE funds will support include biomass resource assessment, development ofbiomass-related agronomic and forestry sustainable practices, and crop development (including dedicated "energy crops"). A secondary focus will be education and outreach. Activities in FY 07 will set the stage for meeting the joule targets in the FY 2008 budget request for regional feedstock partnerships.
Effective start/end date10/1/089/30/13


  • National Science Foundation: $241,010.00


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