Collaborative Research: Gauging Introgression Variation Across the Genome in Mode and Tempo of Natural Selection in a Tiger Salamander Hybrid Zone: Scope for Ziemba

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-- -- - We request funding through the ROA mechanism to support a collaborative research project between Dr. Robert Ziemba from Centre College and Dr. Randal Voss from University of Kentucky. The theme of this collaboration is partnership to accomplish integrative research and training in evolutionary genomics. bioinformatics, and computational biology. Biological research will change considerably in the next few years because it is now possible to generate massive DNA, RNA, and protein sequence datasets for any organism. Knowledge extracted from large `omic' datasets will have huge societal impact, as it will suggest mechanisms for the evolution of phenotypes underlying biological diversity. To become proficient at mining and analyzing large datasets, biologists need practical training opportunities. Dr. Ziemba will generate a large cDNA sequence dataset for a local salamander using Roche/454 sequencing technology. I-fe will use this dataset, and data mined from NCBI and model organism databases, to determine the timing of lineage specific gene duplications and losses during vertebrate evolution. The project will enhance the research productivity of all involved. The project will provide Dr. Ziemba with practical training in bioinformatics and computational methods that he can take back to Centre College. In addition to improving instruction, data collected under this project will spur students from Centre and UK to conduct sophisticated molecular and ecological studies of salamanders from local populations. The data collected will also be available for future undergraduate classroom and laboratory educational experiences that involve analysis of large omic datasets. Comparative data generated from this project will provide Dr. Voss's team with new insights about genome evolution and tissue regeneration. Finally, data collected under this project will justif~' funding of a multi-investigator NSF collaborative proposal to investigate the mystery of large genome size evolution in salamanders. This proposal will be submitted for the June 2008 deadline.
Effective start/end date4/1/088/31/08


  • National Science Foundation


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