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FABRIC is an NSF funded project (#1935966) that will create a national infrastructure to enable computer science researchers and domain scientists to develop and experiment with new distributed application, compute and network architectures not possible today. FABRIC nodes will store and process information "in the network" in ways not possible in the current Internet. The IRNC FAB testbed proposal expands the placement of FABRIC nodes to additional globally distributed strategic sites, both to extend the US-based FABRIC testbed to include workflows to and from International partners and also incorporate and federate non-US based testbeds. Our proposal serves the sciences for which CI is currently well integrated but in need of constant experimentation to optimize for improved capabilities of the science instruments (i.e., HEP and Astrophysics), as well as sciences with less mature CI, in which discoveries can be accelerated by improved networking and computation (i.e., smart cities, hydrology, weather). Our specific activities will include: expanding the physical presence by deploying FABRIC nodes at global sites; partnering with US-based R&E organizations which provide International connectivity; partnering with domestic and International institutions, organizations and science experiments which desire tested capabilities; further developing software in the areas of federation and measurement; and providing outreach to encourage testbed experimentation among our science use cases.
Effective start/end date9/1/208/31/24


  • National Science Foundation: $349,987.00


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