Collaborative Research: ITR/AP: Predictive Contaminant Tracking Using Dynamic Data Driven Application Simulation (DDDAS) Techniques

  • Douglas, Craig (PI)

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This project will lead to a leap-ahead technology in simulation capabilities. Research in the development of new methods and algorithms for the specific application areas is needed. The dynamic application requirements will dictate computing systems' support that includes systems' software technologies, such as active middleware services for real time, dynamic reconfiguration capabilities, resource discovery, load balancing, security, fault tolerance, quality of service, and dynamic interfaces with field measurement systems. An encoded web stream set of contaminations from actual situations (both above ground and underground) will allow researchers besides us to tap into our virtual reality DDDAS environment. Visualization systems will allow us to work with a variety of real networks, sensors, and environments.
Effective start/end date9/15/022/29/08


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