Collaborative Research: Maintenance of a Functional Proteome Through Dynamic Repair

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Non-enzymatic conversion of aspartate and asparagine residues to the abnormal inoaspartate (isoAsp) is a common form of deleterious covalent protein modification in cells. Fortunately protein repair processes exist employing the protein L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase (PIMT) enzyme that specifically repairs isoAsp to Asp.Seeds comptising 70% of our dietn, contain proteins that are especially susceptible to isoAsp formation when they are dehydrated as a natural consequence of seed maturation. One of the broader impacts of the proposaed activities is the indentidcaton of isoAsp-susceptible proteins that, when damaged, are inhibitory to the completion of germinations. This is very exciting because, despite how utterly humanity depends on seed storage for our good supply and seed germination to estbalish the next crop, we comprehend very littel about how a seed fulfills these functions. Work with the plant enzymes, elucidaten their significance in seeds, will nead to improved seed storage, more v igorous germination and improved nutritional valus. More rapid completion of germinations provides competitive edge to any directly sown crop, avoiding competition and decreasing stand establishment costs considerably relative to transplanting seedings. Longer storage life decreases the cost of seed production by permitting seeds for crop establishment to meet qualityu requirements for several years running rather than necessigating annual production to maintain quality at industry standards. Single-gene transerto crop plants resulting in seeds capable of prolonged storage without decreasing germination vigor are of extreem commercial and humanitratian interest as the worlds' populatin sconeinues to expand. These investigatins will also permit insights into PIMT strjucture and function of utliyt in understanding how the human PIMT acts to benefit human health and life quality at advanced age. Discovers made during pursuit of these objectives will be disseminated by they team members through PI webs9tes at both UKY and UCLA, through regional- and internatinal -meetings, and peer reviewed journals.
Effective start/end date6/1/055/31/09


  • National Science Foundation: $295,900.00


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