Collaborative Research: RUI: Will Climate Change Lead to System Shifts on Tropical Mountains?: The Interplay of Epiphyte Losses on Host Tree Function, Microclimate, and Hydrology (Utah)

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The intent is to: 1) involve local residents in our research and education activities; 2) provide information about our study among them and other natural history guides, 3) engage Latinos, a scientifically underserved group; and 4) provide the potential for longer-term continuity for educational activities, as they will remain in Monteverde after the culmination of our project. Full-time researchers will be consistently available throughout the year to carry out our field research assistantship tasks. They will also contribute to the education and outreach programming, as needed. These research assistants will work under the direct supervision of post-doc Vaughan to provide the scheduling, supervision, evaluation, and feedback with oversight from PI Gotsch.
Effective start/end date4/6/228/31/25


  • University of Utah: $43,470.00


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