Collaborative Research: Secure Information Sharing for Internet-based Collaborative Applications

  • Singhal, Mukesh (PI)

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The Internet revolution has led organizations worldwide to rely heavily on information sharing over the Internet to conduct their daily business. Information sharing on the Internet usually occurs in broad, highly dynamic network-based environments, and formally accessing the resources in a secure manner poses a difficult challenge. Our focus is on the problems of secure information exchange and secure information access in Internet-based collaborative environments. The research objectives are as follows. Secure group communication. In collaborative work and research environments, group members must be able to set up a reliable, secure information sharing and communication medium among them. Techniques will be developed for setting up secure group communication and providing a set of accesses to group members for a variety of digital data in highly dynamic networks. Security services. Digital information in database systems generally represents sensitive and confidential information that organizations must protect and allow only authorized personnel to access and manipulate them. The research will address the issue of how to advocate selective information sharing in role-based systems while minimizing the risks of unauthorized access proposing a delegation framework. The objective is to demonstrate the feasibility of our framework through policy specification, enforcement, and a proof-of-concept implementation.
Effective start/end date6/1/035/31/07


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