Collaborative Research: Smart Coils for AC Motors

  • He, Jiangbiao (PI)

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Abstract University of Kentucky presents the concept of smart coils for electric propulsion AC motors. For more and all-electric propulsion systems, high power density, high efficiency, and high reliability are the most critical features. To enhance the efficiency and power density of propulsion systems through minimizing the size of passive components and thermal management (cooling) systems, the emerging ultrafast switching devices (e.g., SiC MOSFETs) are getting attractive compared to the fast switching devices (e.g., Si IGBTs). However, steep switching capability using ultrafast switching devices can cause reflected waves in electric propulsion systems even with short cable lengths between the switches in a drive and electric motors. Such reflected voltage waves, if not mitigated, can cause severe voltage stress on the motor winding insulation. This project aims to develop smart coils’ technology for propulsion motors, which adaptively changes the winding surge impedance by manipulating the high- frequency component of the line voltages with steep voltage changes. This collaborative research can significantly impact mobile energy technologies such as electric vehicles, more electric aircraft, and electric shipboards, where power density, efficiency, and reliability are the critical design features.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/24


  • National Science Foundation: $249,800.00


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