Collabortive Research: Examining the Hurrican Warning System: Content, Channels, and Comprehension

  • O'Hair, Henry (PI)

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For the 2nd component of this project, we will use field observation and interview techniques to gather data about how NWS hurrican forecast products are received, translated, synthesized, and used by broadcast meteorologists within the hurrican warning communication process. This will include examing how the hypothetical products generated by the NWS are used by television meteorologists in both study locations as they produce text and graphics and mock on-air television forecast for the relevant storm at the three points in time. Three AMS-certified broadcast meteorologists (one from a Spanish-language station) at each location will participate. We will observe and record each event, collecting data on the process, products, and opinions of the broadcast meteorologists.
Effective start/end date8/16/093/31/12


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