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Abstract Our Preservice Teacher Preparation collaborative of the Commonwealth of Kentucky was awarded an NSF TUES Type 1 grant in 2011, entitled Noticing Numeracy Now (Award #s 1043667, 1043656, 1043831). This project was designed to study the professional noticing of elementary preservice teachers within the context of the Stages of Early Arithmetic Learning (SEAL). The data collected thus far has revealed significant growth in the professional noticing skills of the preservice teachers that were involved in an instructional module taught during their mathematics methods courses (Schack, Fisher, Thomas, Eisenhardt, Tassell, and Yoder, in press). This module used video-based diagnostic interviews with children to enhance their professional noticing skills by studying the mathematical knowledge of the children in the videos. The success of the project has resulted in multiple manuscripts and presentations at research conferences along with several requests for dissemination of this previously developed module. Additionally, our preservice teachers have requested additional instruction on applying their professional noticing skills to a whole-class setting. This project being proposed, Project TECHNO: TECHnology-Centered Mathematical NOticing, would enable this team to transfer the already developed Noticing Numeracy Now module into a virtual format for further dissemination. It would allow this team to create an additional face-to-face and virtual module, entitled E3A: Examining Essential Expressions in Algebra that enhances the professional noticing skills of the preservice teachers in a whole-class setting using algebraic thinking skills as mathematical context
Effective start/end date7/1/157/31/18


  • Northern Kentucky University: $76,666.00


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