Commonwealth Commercialization Center - Bridge Funding

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Throughout the Term of this Agreement, the Facilitating Institution, in cooperation with the University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc., shall work with the Partnered Higher Education Institutions to: (a) build a commercialization culture through education and policy development with Partnered Higher Education Institutions (b) provide IP protection and technology commercialization services to Partnered Higher Education Institutions; (c) coordinate engagement between and among Partnered Higher Education Institutions, the Facilitating Institution, the University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc., and state and federal grant programs; (d) develop a marketplace and promote industry sponsored and collaborative research opportunities for Partnered Higher Education Institutions; (e) develop and coordinate, in collaboration with Partnered Higher Education Institutions, new student experiential initiatives related to innovation and commercialization; and (f) pursue, in coordination with Partnered Higher Education Institutions, regional and statewide commercialization grant opportunities to help Kentucky become a regional commercialization leader (collectively, the "Program Responsibilities").
Effective start/end date1/1/206/30/20


  • KY Economic Development Cab: $200,000.00


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