Community-Based Work Transition Program (CBWTP): Job Coach Training

  • Tyree, Milton (PI)

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This is a proposal to provide technical assistance to three Kentucky school districts to assist them in improving the likelihood that students with significant disabilities will graduate with meaningful employment experiences and, as appropriate, customized jobs. This outreach project uses a proven model of employment that will provide an individualized transition planning process toward customized employment outcomes. The model is based on the discovery process as an alternative to traditional vocational testing and results in a) narrative and descriptive student profiles that represent students' best performance; b) customized employment plans; and c) student portfolios to be used in customized job development representation. Technical assistance will be provided to selected-transition teachers in three specific areas: 1) facilitating the discovery process; 2) developing a student presentation portfolio; and 3) individualized customized employment representation. Each teacher will be asked to identify two graduating students who will participate in the implementation of the project. Materials and strategies will be developed around the selected student. Training and on-going technical assistance will be provided in partnership with the Community Based Work Transition Program, Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky. Each teacher, others associated with the student as appropriate and other interested teachers from the district, will be asked to attend three one day in-service trainings. A minimum of one follow-up visit will occur. Additional technical assistance will be provided by telephone and e-mail and on-site visits when needed. Products ITomthe project will include: 1) customized employment plans for each student; 2) customized presentation portfolios for each student; 3) a Discovery Handbook; 4) Customized Employment guide; 5) Presentation Portfolio guide; and 6) at least one case study from each school that will include a written and visual description of the process to be used as a model for other students. It is the hope that individual jobs will be realized as a result of this project.
Effective start/end date7/1/026/30/04


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