Community Work Transition Program - OVR

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This agreement is to continue provision of technical assistance, professional development and training for school district and OVR personnel participating in the CWTP. The CWTP is designed to provide a positive beginning in the world of work for special education students during their last two years of high school. It serves students having a range of abilities who need personalized support exploring potential careers, pursuing challenging work experiences, maintaining employment, and seeking job advancements in their communities. The program offers LEAs an option for vocational services to provide employment outcomes to the target population that would not otherwise exist. According to the Kentucky Post School Outcome and National Secondary Transition Assistance Center (NSTTAC) data, one of the predictors that are associated with improved post-school outcomes in employment, education, and independent living is paid work experience while in high school. The goal of the Community Work Transition Program (CWTP) is for students to graduate with positive employment outcomes, competitively employed in an integrated community setting with any necessary supports and/or accommodations.
Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/18


  • KY Department of Vocational Rehabilitation: $354,339.00


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