Comparative Methods in Anthropology

  • Hakansson, Nils (PI)

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The research entails: (a) Case based comparisons; continued commenced work on bridewealth variables (historical bridewealth levels, livestock numbers, cash income statistics, human population figures, and institutional changes) for the selected cases. A completed database is expected by November. By the end of November the diachronic comparative analysis using Boolean logic tables will be completed.B) December2003 - February 2004 Hakanssonwill compare the results of his methodology with the results of the work done by Dr. Borgerhoff Mulder et. al. New variable definitions and causal connections will be developed and retested using the different methodologies developed by Hakansson and BorgerhoffMulder respectively. Funding to finance the second year will be pursued through various sources.
Effective start/end date8/15/037/31/04


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