Compile Estimates of Soybean Yield Suppression by Diseases in the Northern U.S. During 2021

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Plan of Work Compile estimates of soybean yield suppression by diseases in the northern U.S. during 2021 Carl A. Bradley Diseases cause losses to soybean in the U.S. every year; however, the magnitude of losses and primary diseases can shift yearly. Since 1996, soybean pathologists have worked together to compile estimates of yield suppression caused by soybean diseases in the U.S. This project will continue this work by collecting estimates of yield suppression due to soybean diseases in the northern U.S. for the 2020 growing season. To do this, soybean pathologists from 13 northern states (IL, IN, IA, KS, MI, MN, NE, NY, ND, OH, PA, SD, and WI) will be contacted in Fall 2021 to provide estimates of % yield suppression due to different diseases. These estimates will be compiled, and yield suppression estimates (bushels) will be calculated, based on USDA- NASS soybean production estimates for each state. These estimates will be used to determine long-term and short-term trends in soybean diseases by scientists, and will be used by the soybean and agricultural industry to prioritize funding for research projects, to help facilitate choices made in soybean breeding programs, to help prioritize development of management tools for control of specific soybean diseases, etc.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/22


  • United Soybean Board: $5,000.00


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