Compost bedded pack barn housing system for dairy manure storage/treatment

  • Taraba, Joseph (PI)
  • Bewley, Jeffrey (CoI)
  • Day, George (CoI)
  • Johnson, Traci (CoI)
  • Missun, Traci (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Demonstrate management strategies (building design, stocking rate, moisture, temperature, bedding material type and tillage methods) for successful performance of CBP Best Management Practice. Demonstrate potential of BMP for reduced nutrient loading in impaired watershed through export of composted bedding as organic fertilizer, reduced fiies and air emissions that improve neighbors' quality of life Demonstrate improved housing and husbandry system that has potential to improve animal well-being and productivity through measurement of bulk tank milk production, bulk tank somatic cell count, clinical mastitis incidence, culling rate, animal hygiene, and lameness incidence before and after BMP implemented
Effective start/end date9/15/1111/30/14


  • Natural Resources Conservation Service: $132,941.00


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