Comprehensive Assessment and Training Services Project: Adoption Support Services

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The "Comprehensive Assessment and Training Project" (CATS) will provide multidisciplinary, proactive assessments of children and families identified by the Department of Community-Based Services (DCBS). This assessment provides an evaluation ofthe child and family's strengths and weaknesses within five major domains: (1) Family/Social; (2) Emotional/Behavioral; (3) Attachment; (4) Life History/Traumatic Events; (5) Developmental/Cognitive Academic. For each ofthese five domains, qualitative and quantitative data will be gathered using developmentally appropriate measures. A concise, readable report is compiled to assist DCBS staff in preparing a case plan that will address issues identified in the report. This report will be used to facilitate permanency for the child and enhance judicial decision-making. This project is a collaborative effort between the Department of Psychiatry and the College of Social Work.
Effective start/end date7/1/046/30/05


  • KY Health Services Cabinet: $199,943.00


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