Compton Scattering in Few-Body Systems at HIGS

  • Kovash, Michael (PI)

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We propose to continue our measurements of Compton scattering on few-body nuclei at the HIγS laboratory using the UKy DIANA NaI spectrometer, as well as other detectors from Boston University (BUNI), and from HIγS (HINDA). Most recently, we have measured elastic and inelastic scattering from the deuteron at both 62 and 85 MeV. We propose to extend these measurements to 3He and 4He targets. In all cases, a comparison of these new elastic data with Effective Field Theory calculations will be used to constrain the values of the neutron electric and magnetic polarizability. We also propose to study the feasibility of measuring the neutron longitudinal polarization transfer in Compton scattering. Calculations suggest that this observable is very sensitive to the measured difference αn − βn. 1
Effective start/end date9/1/1612/31/25


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