Congenital Syphilis Testing Among Pregnant Medicaid Enrollees with Previous STI

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Scope of Work Congenital Syphilis Testing Among Pregnant Medicaid Enrollees with Previous STI Jeff Talbert, will provide consultative services through expertise and state-specific research to assess the impact of a previous STI diagnosis on the likelihood of pre-natal syphilis testing during pregnancy among pregnant Medicaid enrollees as well as linking state STI surveillance data with Medicaid claims data via the following responsibilities: Scope of Work (for data coordinator services): - Participating in biweekly project management calls - Assisting in facilitating monthly calls with the project’s participating states, including Medicaid representatives and their university partners who conduct the data analyses - Contributing to the creation of the Final Analysis Plan - Drafting and finalizing manuscript for peer-review publication Scope of Work (for KY Medicaid STI Analysis): - Advising on coding and data protocols that they will be adopting for their own state-specific data analyses - Assisting in communicating with their state’s Medicaid representatives - Conducting analyses on contractor’s state Medicaid and STI data and report results as project coordinators - Assisting in synthesis of data and drafting of manuscript Deliverable/Milestones Proposed Due Date 1. Signed MOU and Preliminary Analysis Plan Aug 31, 2021 2. Final Analysis plan Oct 31, 2021 3. Data tables completed Nov 30, 2021 4. Developed manuscript proposal Feb 28, 2022 5. -Final Peer-reviewed manuscript Apr 29, 2022 -Presentation for Medicaid Medical Directors in states doing analysis
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/22


  • AcademyHealth: $50,000.00


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