Connecting the Pieces: How Low Back Pain Alters Lower Extremity Biomechanics and Shock Attenuation in Active Individuals

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Low back pain (LBP) is common in active populations, such as the military. Compensation strategies from LBP may radiate beyond the trunk, therefore the purpose of this project is to determine how LBP influences lower extremity biomechanics and shock attenuation in active individuals compared to healthy individuals and examine how altered biomechanical characteristics are related to clinical outcome measures. Active individuals with LBP will complete self-reported functional questionnaires, lower extremity strength testing, and a biomechanical analysis (3D motion capture and inertial measurement units) of movement strategies during landing tasks. Differences in lower extremity biomechanics and shock attenuation will be evaluated between LBP and healthy individuals. Relationships between clinical outcome measures and biomechanical outcomes will be examined in LBP individuals. This study will provide a better understanding of the impact that compensatory biomechanical strategies may have on long-term health outcomes and the increased risk of secondary injury in individuals with LBP.
Effective start/end date6/1/186/30/19


  • American Society of Biomechanics: $2,000.00


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