Construction Co-op Tech Program - Federal Aid Research Task no. 171

  • Hartman, Donald (PI)
  • Toussaint, Paul (Former CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The Kentucky Transportation Center proposes to provide direct staffing and technical assistance to conduct construction civil technician activities through a co-op intern program. The interns would be recruited by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and employed by the university pending satisfactory background checks. Under supervision, the interns will perform basic technician duties in the construction area. Specific duties associated with the positions will include, but not be limited to: • Perform basic surveying for roadway locations and construction operations; • Perform quality conformance testing and sampling and general highway project inspections; • Work with project engineers and other inspection staff to monitor construction projects while learning the skills necessary to perform the duties of the Transportation Engineering Technologists; • Attend training and certification programs as directed; • Other duties as assigned. Due to the amount of off-campus activity, positions will be housed within the appropriate highway district, with office space and work-related facilities furnished by the Transportation Cabinet. Each highway district office will be responsible for supervision of staff and students assigned to this project in their respective district. Payroll hours will be reported using university biweekly time sheets. To be valid, each time sheet must have the employee's signature, and be signed by their district supervisor as verification of time worked. A scanned copy of the time sheet with both signatures will be sent via email to the University for time reporting by the Center's payroll clerk. Travel expense and all vehicles used by interns for this project will be furnished directly from each highway district and paid by the KyTC division or district sponsoring the work. The Transportation Cabinet will provide supplies and related commodities in addition to computer hardware, software, and any necessary network access. The Cabinet will maintain access as needed to the University network and provide necessary personnel training.
Effective start/end date9/1/089/1/12


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