Consumer Purchasing Behavior Towards GM Foods in Europe


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We propose to focus on actual consumer behavior towards GMFs, linking it to relevant information (from the media, leaflets,& food labels) that consumers receive and act upon. We propose to: (I) Investigate whether alleged avoidance of GMFs can be detected in actual consumer behavior across products, time, and space (2) Test whether increased information on risks and/or benefits (expected to raise awareness) translate into shifts in consumer behavior and food purchasing decisions; (3) Analyze discrete shifters in the US(where applicable) and the United Kingdom (UK). In both countries we plan to focus on discrete shifters (labels and media events), as such shifts, if any, will be more pronounced (due to increased awareness) and, therefore more discrenible, in order to evaluate such consumer response.
Effective start/end date8/1/017/31/04


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