Context Sensitive Solutions: Delivery of CSS Training Courses and State of Practice in CSS Construction, Research Study-Federal no. 15

  • Pigman, Jerry (PI)
  • Hartman, Donald (CoI)

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Previous Context-Sensitive Design Workshops were developed and delivered as a result of Kentucky being chosen by the Federal Highway Administration as a pilot state for expanding the concept to other professionals involved in the project development process. The scope of this current activity is to continue presentation of the workshops for transportation agency personnel and to document the state of the practice in the area of context sensitive solutions for construction project applications. It is anticipated that workshops will be presented in several states, as well as continuation of the training program in Kentucky. For the task of documenting state of practice in construction, transportation agencies will be contacted and relevant materials will be condensed into a document of best practices for context sensitive construction.
Effective start/end date10/1/0512/31/07


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