Continuation of the Midwest Bridge Working Group - Phase XIV

  • Hopwood, Theodore (PI)

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Title: Continuation of the Midwest Bridge Working Group - Phase XIV Abstract Note: PT personnel no. is 00011415. OSPA is to submit proposal to Northwestern University on behalf ofthe Kentucky Transportation Center. This is a continuation of 4-81046-17, but to avoid confusion, it would be best to set up a new account number if possible. This project will require a scope account for travel reimbursement of speakers and working group participants that will be exempt from KTC admin and F&A costs. The Kentucky Transportation Center has acted as a sponsor to the Midwest Bridge Working Group under a continuing grant from Northwestern University. This group has served as a forum for the interchange of technical information between the 13 participating state highway agencies (SHAs) for the past eleven years. University researchers from the primary research institutions for those SHAs have provided solid contributions at biannual meetings, making insightful presentations, and encouraging SHA officials to innovate. Private firms, especially consultants, have provided additional participants and perspectives enhancing the information sharing process. This proposal seeks to acquire continued funding from Northwestern University.
Effective start/end date9/1/088/31/10


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