Continued Development of Pitch/Nanotube Foam and Fiber Composites -- CPCPC

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Work completed previously under a CPCPC sponsored project, "Nanotube enhancement of coal extract pitches: fibers and foams" Sub-contract # 2480-UK-DOE-0350, showed that the addition of carbon nanotubes to pitch matrices in both fiber and foam geometries did enhance some properties in the composites. Of particular interest was the enhancements noted in the thennal diffusivity of the composites. Materials for thermal management applications either, insulating or conducting, continue to be an important area of interest. As well, materials capable of shielding EM! radiation are becoming of paramount importance for new secured site construction and for retrofit of existing structures or buildings for Homeland Security, Embassy's and 000. The proposed project "Continued Development of Pitch/Nanotube Foam and Fiber Composites" will continue to develop pitch/nanotube based composites for thennal management and EM! shielding applications. The previous study focused on isotropic pitches in both fiber and foam fonns. This study will extend the focus to include anisotropic foams and fibers that will be enhanced with carbon nanotubes. This project will be managed by University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research as the lead contractor, with research efforts perfonned under a sub-contract with West Virginia University.
Effective start/end date3/1/056/30/06


  • The Pennsylvania State University: $79,045.00


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