Continued Support on the Contractors# Workforce Development Assessment (CWDA)

  • Goodrum, Paul (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The proposed research aims to fonnally analyze the data from the Contractors' Workforce Development Assessment Survey for the purpose of aiding in the development of the Craft Employee Training Evaluation Tool. In addition, the requested resources as part of this proposal will aide in fmalizing the 2009 National Craft Assessment and Certification Program Report for NCCER Objectives and corresponding deliverables include: 1. Analyze validation data of the CWDA as it becomes available to examine how the CWDA scores correlated to company perfonnance, particularly in the area of craft absenteeism, craft turnover, and safety perfonnance. 2. Examine the variances of company responses to specific questions on the CWDA to identify large-scale weaknesses in certain practices in the contractors' workforce development efforts. 3. Development of a report describing the results of the above objectives.
Effective start/end date1/1/127/31/12


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