Control of Mites in Industrial Hemp Open Field Study

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PROJECT TITLE: Control of mites in Industrial Hemp Open Field Study JUSTIFICATION AND OBJECTIVES: IR-4 received a request to identify efficacious insecticides to control mites (Acari:Chelicerata) on hemp plants (≤0.3% THC) and assess the crop safety deriving from the use of the proposed insecticides. As it stands today, there is a limited number of effective management tools for the control of mites on this plant, which poses the need to identify efficacious acaricides among products that are or are not currently available on the market. The objectives of this study are to: 1. Assess the efficacy of a few conventional acaricides that are not registered for use on hemp but are widely used in agriculture for the control of mites (Suffoil-X, Stifle Sc, Fujimite SC); 2. Assess the efficacy of a few biological acaricides that are not registered for use on hemp but are widely used in agriculture for the control of mites (Botanigard ES, MolteX, Abba Ultra); 3. Assess the efficacy of a few minimum risk acaricides exempted from FIFRA registration (TetraCURB, Green Cleaner) 4. Assess the injury caused by the use of these acaricides used at the maximum label rate. Adherence to Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) is not required for trials conducted under this research plan. Test Substances Trt. Products EPA MNF Active Application Adjuvant Type of Timing No. of Reg. No. ingredient Rate application Applications & 01 Untreated N/A N/A N/A N/A No Retreatment No interval (RTI) During Veg. No Stage: 2 N/A 02 Suffoil-X1 48813-1 Bioworks Mineral oil gall/100 gall Conduct 3 water/A applications at 7 During day RTI Flowering: 1 gal/100 gal H2O water/A 03 TetraCUR EPA Kemin Rosemary oil 128 fl oz/100 Conduct 3 B MAX2 gallons water/A applications at 7 exempt Industries Conduct the first day RTI 04 ABBA 5481-621 Amvac Abamectin 8 fl oz/100 Yes treatment Conduct 2 foliar Ultra4 gallons water/A No application applications at 21 Yes at first 05 Stifle SC5 5481-651 Amvac 6 fl oz/100 No Foliar signs of day RTI gallons water/A Yes Conduct 1 foliar Etoxazole mite No infestation application 06 Fujimite 71711-4 Nichino Fenpyroximate 3 pts/A Conduct 1 foliar SC6 application 07 Botanigar 82074-1 Beauveria 2 quarts/100 Conduct 3 d ES7 Bioworks bassiana Strain gallons of applications at 7 water/A GHA day RTI Conduct 3 08* Molt-X8 68539-11 Bioworks Azadirachtin 10 fl oz/100 applications at 7 gal/A day RTI 09* Green EPA Central Soybean oil; 100 fl oz/100 Cleaner9 exempt Coast Sodium lauryl gal Conduct 3 Garden applications at 7 Products sulfate day RTI?? Budget 1 Year Grant Title: "" Control of mites in Industrial Hemp Institutional Salary Fringe Total Open Field Study” Base Salary Requested Benefits Requested Raul Villanueva (2% effort) $81,164 $1,353 $373 $1,726 Worker (Jul- Nov 2021 @ $20/h and 24h/wk) $40,000 $8,840 $782 $9,622 Total Personnel $10,193 $1,155 $11,348 Equipment (excluded from F&A) $160 Travel Other Direct Costs $892 $100 1. Materials & Supplies 2. Publication Charges $12,500 3. Other: $0 Total Direct Costs $12,500 Indirect Costs Difference between sponsor rate and UK rate Total Costs
Effective start/end date9/1/198/31/22


  • University of Florida: $12,500.00


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