Cooperative Extension Radon and Indoor Air Quality Education

  • Piercy, Larry (PI)
  • Hash, Gerald (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


UK will work with the State Radon Coordinator and Local and District Health Departments and act as a resource for government and private agencies interested in learning about radon. UK, thru County Extension Agents, will make presentations, distribute literature and build and place in strategic locations, displays about radon. UK will assist in building local coalitions of persons and agencies interested in radon reduction and related topics; they will act as a continuing resource for these coalitions. UK will prepare displays, exhibits and presentations for a variety of private and professional groups including medical professionals, homebuilders and inspectors, real estate agents, etc. UK will produce and organize two iterations of the course entitled" Home Mitigation Inspection Course". This course will certify health department environmentalist for inspecting mitigated homes. (Oct. '03 - Jun '04) UK will organize and produce one course entitled "Radon Technology for Mitigators Course". This course will give an introduction to radon, its health effects, and measurement and mitigation techniques. It will be aimed at homebuilders and contractors but open to health professionals. (Jul '03 - Jun '04) UK will prepare radio tapes of Public Service Announcements on Radon awareness for use by County Agents and Local Health Departments. Quarterly Reports will be sent to the State Radon Coordinator. Bills will be submitted after each course or meeting, or quarterly, which ever occurs first.
Effective start/end date7/1/046/30/05


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