Coordinate Wine Grape Variety Evaluations in the Eastern USA

  • Archbold, Douglas (PI)

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The intent of this project is to provide a coordinated approach to the evaluation, and dissemination of knowledge gained by cooperator evaluation of existing and newly released wine grape varieties in the eastern USA. The coordination is fostered by cooperator involvement in the USDA/CSREES project "NE-1020, Multi-state evluation of wine grape varieties and clones". The NE-1020 is a national project for grape vaiety and clone evaluation, the goals of which are recognized as a high priority with the National Grape and Wine Initiative ( The historical justification, goals, and membership of the NE-1020 are provided at the NE-1020 website ( Materials and procedures for evaluation of wine grape varieties were discussed at meetings in 2005 (see associated annual report). The 2006 meeting in Raleigh focused on advancing the procedures for year 2 (vineyard establishment) and beyond. The underlying intent of coordinating wine grape variety evaluations within the framework of the NE-1020 project is to ensure that similar, if not identical methods and materials are used by cooperating members, and that the information generated can be assimilated into relevant knowledge for all end-users. In fact, some of these procedures, such as specific wine-making practices, will require further deliberation and consensus-building before being adopted.
Effective start/end date9/1/086/30/10


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