Coordinated Wine Grape Variety Evaluations in the Eastern USA

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The continental climate and varying topography of vineyard sites in Kentucky greatly influences the production potential and fruit quality of cultivars planted. The primary types of grapes grown in Kentucky are American (Vitis labrusca), French-American hybrids (Vitis labrusca x V. vinifera) and European (Vitis vinifera). Although American and French-American varieties are more suited for the climate in Kentucky European varieties are often more desirable and potentially have the highest economic gain for grape growers and wine makers. However, vinifera varieties are more susceptible to winter injury and diseases often resulting in a lower yield. The current wine grape trial consisting of French-American hybrid and European grape varieties assess fruit and wine quality through cultural management, rootstock and clone selection.
Effective start/end date9/1/1010/30/12


  • Cornell University: $1,024.00


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