Coordinating Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education

  • Erlandson, Erika (PI)
  • Bush, Heather (CoI)
  • Hatton-Kolpek, Jimmi (CoI)
  • Jensen, Lynne (CoI)
  • Pfeifle, Andrea (Former PI)

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Interprofessional Teams on the Stroke Care Unit will use rapid cycle testing of enhanced communication, problem solving, and planning care with patients to accelerate the transition of care for patients from the acute care to the inpatient rehabilitation facility at Cardinal Hill Hospital and from Cardinal Hill Hospital to the community. Metrics such as length of stay, morbidity, functional level at transfer, complications in acute care, performance on stroke achievement indicators, patient education for risk reduction will be monitored from admission to acute care to discharge from the rehabilitation facility and will be tracked in relationship to the extent and quality of team-based care received by the patient in both settings. This proof-ofconcept site will be used to demonstrate the efficacy of interprofessional collaborative care and moved into other areas.
Effective start/end date2/1/141/31/17


  • University of Minnesota: $239,612.00


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