Core Violence and Injury Prevention Program

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Kentucky had the 6th highest unintentional injury fatality rate, the 5th highest motor vehicle death rate, and the 3rd highest poisoning fatality rate in the US in 2006, 2008, and 2006, respectively, and falls were the third leading cause of death (NSC Injury Facts, 2010). The overall purpose of the Kentucky Violence and Injury Prevention Program is to build upon our solid foundation of integrated violence and injury prevention activities (including a state injury prevention plan, an injury community planning group (ICPG), and identified priority focus areas for interventions and policy-making), by utilizing effective delivery systems for the dissemination, implementation, and evaluation of best practice programs and policies within our four priority focus areas (falls among the elderly, teen driver injury prevention, child maltreatment, and prescription drug safety) . The KVIPP will integrate violence and injury prevention programs and activities to tackle our worst violence and injury problems through enhanced agency and organization partnerships and collaborations, enhanced use of evidence-based interventions, and enhanced development of policy strategies. Through the integration of activities, interventions, and strategies among stakeholders, costs will be reduced. The KVIPP program will: 1) implement the KY state injury and violence prevention and control (IVPC) plan by developing and achieving SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-framed) goals, objectives and activities; 2) enhance IVPC infrastructure, for example by establishing KVIPP as a support center for Safe Communities within KY; 3) collect and analyze inpatient hospitalization, ED, and multiple cause of death data to support violence and injury prevention activities throughout the state in the four priority focus areas and to submit to the CDC; 4) identify, support, and evaluate program and policy interventions within the four priority focus areas in collaboration with ICPG partners; 4) affect policy within the four priority focus areas in collaboration with ICPG partners; 5) evaluate the KVIPP program; and 6) participate in annual grantee meetings. KVIPP infrastructure will be enhanced by building state and local capacity for violence and injury prevention through the expansion of our ICPG (KY Safety and Prevention Alignment Network [KSPAN]). Additional organizational agreements (MOUs) with key stakeholders will be developed and a Terms of Reference document will be created to better define the roles and responsibilities of our KSPAN. MOUs will be established with the KY early childhood home visiting (ECHV) program and the community based child abuse prevention program. A special emphasis report using benchmark data will be produced for the ECHV program. KSPAN will continue its promotion and support of local communities for the development and building of violence and injury prevention safety coalitions (i.e. Safe Communities). KVIPP staff will also annually engage in workforce development activities. A policy subcommittee within the KSPAN will be created and will be involved in all phases of planning, supporting and evaluating program and policy interventions. Data and information from core data sets will be reviewed, synthesized, and disseminated to stakeholders. County level data will be made available to communities for local injury prevention capacity building. A web-based queryable data system (IBIS-PH) will make data information easily accessible. A detailed, stage based evaluation to measure program process, effectiveness and impact of the KVIPP program will be performed.
Effective start/end date8/1/117/31/12


  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention: $397,745.00


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