Countermeasure Activities to Support Empowerment of Youth (CASEY) HEALTH

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"Wicked Problem" The tobacco and fast food industries take advantage of our youth, year after year, by spending billions of dollars on targeted advertising and product promotion. Their persistent and insidious tactics result in unhealthy behaviors and pave a road to a lifetime of preventable health problems. Regular market renewal from our youth enhances the ongoing financial success of these industries. Disadvantaged communities throughout rural Kentucky suffer the most from these focused marketing tactics triggering poor health, poor diet, high tobacco use, and reduced quality and longevity of life. Proposed Project Our initiative is a proof of concept project that seeks to improve healthy behavior in Casey County, Kentucky in rural Appalachia. We will implement a multifaceted strategy that includes: community engagement and collaboration to identify and address unique needs of the area youth, development of a novel health curriculum, and initiation of counter-marketing efforts focusing on 3rd-5th grades that incorporates peer-engagement of high school and college students. This initiative is needed because current primordial prevention efforts across Kentucky are fragmented, often begin too late, and lack standardization. Approach or Strategies We seek to implement a novel curriculum and counter marketing program in Casey County, a community with high risk for poor health and poor health decisions. Our team will develop and coordinate a program that empowers children 8-12 years old at Walnut Hill Elementary School by communicating evidenced-based science, in an interactive format, to encourage healthy decisions. Our new curriculum will focus on five key elements of primordial prevention including: 1) preventing illness/injuries and risky behaviors, 2) avoiding tobacco, e-cigarettes and drug use, 3) taking in proper nutrition, 4) increasing physical activity, and 5) improving oral health. The curriculum will be based on current evidence-based practices and existing curricula as well as input from the community, education experts, local stakeholders, and state agencies.
Effective start/end date9/15/1912/31/22


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $525,000.00


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