Covering Kentucky Kids and Families

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Covering Kentucky Kids and Families builds on the success of Covering Kentucky Kids in order to reach Kentucky families with eligible children, retain enrolled children, continue to work with state officials on simplification of the enrollment and reenrollment, and assure coordination of programs for families who transition between KCHIP and Medicaid. Current KCHIP enrollment is 53,613, and KCHIP outreach is primarily responsible for a net increase of 39,052 children enrolled in Medicaid. In the absence of reliable data regarding the number of eligible uninsured children, the 1997 estimate of 123,000 uninsured Medicaid- or KCHIP-eligible children can be used for a rough comparison. This success has had its price: Medicaid cost overruns have led to reinstatement ofreenrollment requirements that threaten our ability to retain children who are currently enrolled. Statewide funding will continue to support two positions in the state KCHIP agency, assuring complete coordination with state-funded initiatives. In addition, we propose to fund an experienced, highly respected community organizer and advocate as Community Outreach Director, working with local groups and coalitions in areas with significant numbers of unenrolled eligible children. Funding is also requested for one additional outreach worker. New proposals from the two Covering Kentucky Kids pilot sites build on their successful outreach strategies to reach new areas in Louisville and southeastern Kentucky, backed by the same community-based coalitions that have provided them with strong support over the past three years.
Effective start/end date1/1/0210/31/06


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $950,000.00


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