Covid 19: American Rescue Plan Act Funding for Health Centers

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Abstract- This project will focus on two areas of the H8F funding. • COVID-19 Vaccination Capacity – In this area we will focus our efforts on outreach to our service area residents. This outreach will include providing education to our residents on the COVID-19 vaccination and encourage those that have not received the vaccine to do so. Vaccines are given at our clinical locations or for those that are hindered by transportation barriers, our center will provide in home vaccines. A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) will be added to facilitate the increased burden on our nursing staff during our vaccine clinics and to provide vaccines to residents who desire to get the vaccine during a home visit opposed to going into the clinic. • Maintaining and Increasing Capacity – Personnel will be added to increase our behavioral health providers through addition of a psychiatric nurse practitioner and a LCSW. This will aid in relieving the pent-up demand for behavioral health services realized throughout the pandemic as well as the demand created by the pandemic itself. Additionally, a dental hygienist will be added to our fixed dental clinic to increase capacity and expand access to our fixed dental clinic for hygienist services, another area worsened by the pandemic. To combat the issue of scheduling for increased fixed dental clinic activity a Patient Relations Assistant will be added to our staff to ensure patients calling our center will be able to reach the dental clinic to schedule. A triage nurse will be added to more promptly respond to patient calls. Telehealth services will be expanded with the addition of telehealth capability at two local schools located in more remote parts of the county school system as well as increased capability of telehealth services in homes within our service area. Lastly, three Community Health Workers will be added to work with our patients needs determined through social determinants interviews and also work with our home telehealth patients.
Effective start/end date4/1/213/31/23


  • Health Resources and Services Administration: $496,859.00


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