Covid 19: Biology and Longitudinal Epidemiology of COVID-19 Observational Study (BLUE CORAL)

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The epidemiology and biology of patients hospitalized with severe COVID-19 has not been well defined, especially in the American context. There are significant knowledge gaps regarding demographics, clinical characteristics, trajectory of disease, timing of recovery, clinical and biologic predictors of organ failure and death, resource utilization, and post-hospital outcomes. Furthermore, there exists limited understanding of biologic pathways activated by this viral syndrome and which patients are at risk for progression to more severe illness. There are reports of unusual features of COVID-19 critical illness, such as high prevalence of endothelial dysfunction, thrombosis, and cardiomyopathy as well as catastrophic arrhythmias during recovery, which need further study. In response, the purpose of the BLUE CORAL study is to inform biology, epidemiology, and resource utilization.
Effective start/end date4/24/204/23/22


  • Wake Forest University: $77,773.00


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