Covid 19: Center on Trauma and Children (C2615) - Grant Covid 19

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Tier 1: Universal messaging to healthcare organizations (physical and mental health) to support workforce resiliency targeted to state professional organizations and licensure boards that represent the health/behavioral health workforce of Kentucky (e.g. Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Association, Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, Kentucky Medical Association, Kentucky Hospital Association, Kentucky Nursing Association, etc…). The final targeted list of organizations will be finalized based on discussions with the Kentucky Department of Behavioral Health. Goal: Disseminate messaging that 1) normalizes and validates biopsychosocial responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent mitigation efforts, and 2) provides tools individuals and organizations can use to build resiliency, and promote positive coping. Strategy: Develop, and produce 25, short (5 minute) podcasts on topics that would advance the above mentioned goals, and disseminate these to the target organizations for universal distribution to their membership.
Effective start/end date7/1/205/31/22


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $185,000.00


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