Covid 19: Expanded Digital/Virtual Entrepreneur Engagement: Covid 19

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UK Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship - Expanded Digital/Virtual Entrepreneur Engagement: COVID-19 The University of Kentucky’s EDA University Center is the Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship (hereinafter Von Allmen Center or VACE), which is a part of and located in the Gatton College of Business and Economics. The focus of VACE’s work is to support those clients who want to take their idea and commercialize new technologies, products, and services, and at the appropriate time, start a business to take these new technologies, products and services, into the marketplace. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided new opportunities for the development of technologies, products, and services which VACE identifies and will foster using the programs described in this proposal. • COVID-19: Scope of Work and Technical Assistance Services Provided by VACE CEDS 2.13 Kentucky Opportunity Zones 20 served. COVID-19 Programming: Entrepreneurs Bootcamp (Fall and Spring) CEDS 4.0 Regional Action Plan Focus Area 4.1 Strategy Two-Promote educational opportunities for school and or small business startups • CEDS 4.2 Area of Focus: Business – Promote and Support Entrepreneurship. CEDS 5.2 Economic Resilience – Promote Locally created products to increase demand locally, regionally, and nationally. CEDS 5.2 Responsive Resilience Measures – Trace total number of start-up businesses. • COVID-19: Business Plan Development • COVID-19: Market Research and Grant Assistance • COVID-19: Management and Presentation Skills • COVID-19: VACE’s Partnerships • Virtual Activities: Organize and Conduct Virtual Lunch and Learns, Workshops, and Informational Sessions • “Wildly Possible” Virtual StartUp Contest
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/22


  • Economic Development Administration: $300,000.00


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