Covid 19: Local and Regional Food Systems Recovery and Resilience 2.0

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Local and Regional Food Systems Recovery and Resilience 2.0 Abstract Early in the pandemic, AMS recognized the significant supply chain disruptions local and regional food systems faced. Through a cooperative agreement, Local and Regional Food Systems (LRFS) Response to COVID-19, AMS, three universities, and 17 coordinating organizations came together to explore, document, and disseminate innovations and build relationships that will foster recovery and resilience. Participants from all sectors reported greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities across the diverse landscape of local and regional food systems (LRFS), and emphasized the value of the project’s “Network of Networks” in supporting LRFS adaptation, recovery and resilience during the simultaneous social and public health crisis of the pandemic year. To ensure the lessons gleaned through the rapid response project are fully leveraged, the LRFS Recovery and Resilience project continues the work with a focus on translating lessons learned into a sustainable and collaborative strategy for fostering LRFS resilience. The Recovery and Resilience project will build on the innovation and success found in the LRFS Response to COVID-19 project through the following activities: ? Harmonize data, metrics collection, analysis and member training opportunities across Community of Practice Coordinating Organizations (COPCOs) to support the effective implementation and evaluation of sector-level activities, Federal programs and initiatives, and cross-sectoral analysis of LRFS. ? Continue to develop and disseminate timely cross sector research and analysis to support the efforts of policy makers, program developers, funders, and other key LRFS stakeholders. ? Support continuing education and professional development for network weavers, LRFS project and grant administrators and evaluators, and others.
Effective start/end date9/1/2112/1/22


  • Colorado State University: $118,512.00


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